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“Yachad” is a unique amalgamation of travel and fashion. A once in a lifetime opportunity that brings together the creative forces of two nations. A celebration of young local talents, the cross-border stories, blend of cultures and a love song to the younger generation that sees the world in a newer fashion.

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Fresh Summer Arrivals

A romantic curation of styles designed for calm, comfort and an easy every-day elegance, highlighting dainty embroideries and breezy summer prints.

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Wedding Couture

Sahil Kochhar’s Couture collection is a study in nostalgia. Each piece is crafted to be brimming with regal charm, reminiscing panoramic landscapes made of flowers and birds, layers of wide palms and lush jungle trees; the essence is that of paradise.





To elevate a garment from fashion to art is an ephemeral undertaking. Every piece developed at our workshop allows us the opportunity to create a masterpiece with the help of our artisans


The collection draws inspirations from the jungles of India, which have forever been an object of curiosity; they have innumerable mystical and mythological tales attached to them. The mystique of the forests is brought to life through Jungle silhouettes rendered in ivory applique on translucent organza, exotic wild flowers come alive with silk floss 3d embroidery. Ivory hand cut 3d applique creates surreal foliage right out of an enchanted forest. 

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Our collection titled “Hridya” is quite literally all heart; it yearns for a world where we can together take responsibility for our actions and impact positive change to help save the planet. This is a step towards minimizing our carbon footprint by adopting sustainable, eco friendly and biodegradable fabrics into our collection. Moreover it is an initiative to reduce waste, thus our own fabric overflow has been used to create our signature embroideries and appliqué.

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“Kyari” a Hindi word used with reference to flowers beds is our celebration of the ethereal beauty of flower-laden meadows, which are dotted with a gamut of tiny wild flowers blooming amid the lush landscape. The wild flowers are simulated in our signature embroideries, emulating the vibrant hues and shades of the beautiful buds.

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A selection of festive favorites in bright hues, ornamented with our signature 3d gold applique embroidery and floral thread work.

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Zehen - Couture

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